Billy Woods

Image Counting oranges.

The (slowly evolving) video series "An unorthodox introduction to algebraic number theory" can be found here.

This course is "unorthodox" in the following senses:
  1. It is not intended to be a rigorous exposition. The material here is advanced, but my aim is to provide motivation and intuition. I've leaned heavy on examples, diagrams and discussion, and omitted unenlightening proofs and complicated definitions.
  2. Unlike traditional algebraic number theory courses (which are encountered in the third year of an undergraduate degree or later), this course is hopefully accessible to strong high school students or early undergraduates. Prerequisites are: modular arithmetic, complex numbers, and bravery in the face of unknown jargon.
  3. It is partly an experiment with the novel possibilities of the online lecture format.

Both mathematical and non-mathematical comments are welcome.

Least common multiples of ideals as intersections of lattices. Image