Billy Woods


I am interested in noncommutative algebra and related topics. My D.Phil. thesis was on the prime ideals of completed group rings of compact p-adic analytic groups (a.k.a. Iwasawa algebras).

Publications and preprints

  • Filtered skew derivations on simple artinian rings

    joint work with Adam Jones

  • Skew power series rings over a prime base ring

    joint work with Adam Jones; submitted in 2022

  • The conjugation action in completed group rings

    under revision

  • Dimension theory in local skew power series rings
    [doi, arxiv]

    Algebr. Represent. Theory, published online 2022, in press

  • Maximal prime homomorphic images of mod-p Iwasawa algebras
    [doi, arxiv]

    Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc., 171(2), 387--419, 2021

  • On the catenarity of virtually nilpotent mod-p Iwasawa algebras
    [doi, arxiv]

    Israel J. Math., 238: 501--536, 2020

  • Extensions of almost faithful prime ideals in virtually nilpotent mod-p Iwasawa algebras
    [doi, arxiv]

    Pacific J. Math., 297(2): 477--509, 2018

  • On the structure of virtually nilpotent compact p-adic analytic groups
    [doi, arxiv]

    J. Group Theory, 21(1): 165--188, 2018

Reader-friendly summaries of my papers and preprints, aimed at non-experts, are available here.